Instant Action

A quick over night session on a private Cheshire water after work produced this lovely Common of just under 20lb. But how the capture unfolded was far from orthodox.

I arrived at the lake and as always had a quick look round to locate some fish. Within minutes a number of fish were found mooching around the margins at one end. I crept  around to them and baited up in close proximity to where they were with a few 6mm and 8mm Marukyu JPelletz soaked in Krill liquid and about 20 Credence Fruit Spice 14mm boilies. This was my first time of using these boilies on here and was anxious to see how they would perform.

I returned to my swim and after casting a light lead across to the spot and marking my line with some tape, I clipped up and wound in. My brolly was soon up for the night and all the other items in place like landing net, Wychwood net station, unhooking mat etc. A single 14mm Fruit Spice was soon cast out and landed quietly on the spot.

I was sinking the heavy fluorocarbon main line when I felt it tighten up..’No way’ I thought it can’t be! It only tightened for a split second so I was thinking if it was a line bite or something else when I started to feel sharp plucks on the line. I believe this was the fish shaking its’ head in an attempt to try and rid itself of the hook.
I closed the bail arm and lifted into what I hoped was a fish…Bingo, fish on!

The fight was tremendous and lasted at least 15 minutes with most of it under the rod tip with huge boils and short bursts of energy. Eventually I had it safely resting in the net on the net station. This gives you time to ready everything before bringing the fish out and onto the mat. Quick photo, weighed and returned.

I could not believe what had just happened and how quickly! This proves that fish location and being quiet are so important and couple these with top quality bait and the bites will come your way…Even if they don’t come quite as quick as this!

Until next time, tight lines.