A Change Of Scenery with Mitch Henderson

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Having done a fair bit of carping of late I decided to get my coarse kit out to play, and headed to a lake not far from me with three friends.
Having only fished the lake once, and that was about eight years go, I was unsure where on the lake I wanted to go.
I knew my approach for the day was going to be a feeder to the island so after having a walk round I decided on my swim choice.
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Having set up and only finding around 2ft of water from bank to island, plus a big drop in temperature over night, I knew it was going to be a challenge plus having two of my mates either side of the island so I was piggy in the middle would make it even harder for me to draw the fish in.
So with a few things against me, I needed to try and get some fish past my mates and into my area. This is where new Amino+ sprays from Marukyu came into play, by putting more attractors into the swim than feed as I'm a big believer in little and often I could draw fish into my swim without feeding them up and the smaller of the range of the new hybrid feeders from guru made things possible.
Plus by not feeding too much I can move to a different area of my swim till I find the fish where they feel more comfortable without killing the area completely.
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The morning was very slow with only having a hand full of fish, with afternoon not much better having only picked up a little.
I would get three fish then dead and this seemed to be a regular pattern for me so by casting around along the island (as they really didnt want to stay put in one area) I could pick up some fish.
I finished the day with 37lb 2oz of small carp, crucians and roach.
My mates didn't do much better with the second best weight, weighing 24lb something.
We all have different approaches to the day.. my mate who had the second best weight used groundbait on a method feeder with maggot as hookbait which seems to pick up the smaller fish.
Myself just using damped down 2mm pellets as a feed and a 6mm pellets on the hook wouldn't make a cloud in the water and attract to many smaller fish into my swim.
Also with myself having abit more knowledge and been fishing far longer than my mates, I know how to ring my changes to try and make things happen rather than just sticking to one thing when the fish didn't want to play ball.
All round we enjoyed the day with a few fish and lots of banter, which is what fishing is all about.
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Bait for the day.
2mm soaked focus pellets in a new Guru hybrid feeder.
A 6mm Focus pellet (banded) presoaked in Umami spray.
Then before casting out I would either spray with Amino+ Choco Cream or glug with The One Gloop.
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