Richard Bratt makes Deep Impact on Weaver

It was Friday 19th June, the previous three months had dragged so slowly it was like time had stood still since I was last able to fish on my beloved River Weaver. Due to work commitments I had not been able to fish on the magical 16th and I had been itching since Tuesday to get back on the river and today was the day. I’d arranged to meet up with my good friend Carl McCormack and his dad. Carl had made the usual phone call to ask me to pick up a bacon and egg roll to fuel the sport we were skeptically hoping to enjoy. 

The section we were to fish is the place of my boyhood adventures, the Marina section of the River Weaver. I’d not fished the Marina section for a while now but had fond memories of the reed-lined banks that have sadly become overgrown with self seeded willow. The rivers character changes as the year progresses and can offer some amazing roach sport in the autumn and winter months, but today was all about the bream. 

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We arrived at the river and had a walk to see what pegs were available; having 208 in my mind, as the river is narrower there offering the flow needed to find the bream. To my disappointment 208 was taken so 207 would have to do. This is a wider peg as it leads into a tight right hand bend. The flow cuts across the peg so I decided to fish at 13m on the far edge of it. Carl decided against my advice to fish the lower numbered pegs towards the road bridge, but as his dad was suffering with his hip he stayed loyal to his old man saying he might need to rescue him if his hip gave way and he fell in.

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Now to the bait, I'd brought with me a pint of caster, bronze maggots, a tin of corn and the New Marukyu Focus Deep Impact amino+ ground bait that is specially formulated for deeper pegs. I mixed up the ground bait and found it took little water to enable it to bind. Adding casters and corn to the mix I fed 5 balls and left it for 30 minutes while I fished short on a whip for a few bites. 

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I’m known locally for my love of fishing the long whip to hand for roach, going by the name of MR Whippy on several blog sites. We will explore that side of my fishing in a later blog, as the year grows older.

Now was the time to try for the bream, fishing a Sensas flat float in 12ft of water set 8 inches over depth I dropped in. I had 2 quick bites from small perch, not what I was hoping for. 

The chap on 208 was catching the odd bream so I was hopeful of a few. Next drop in with my pole resting on my bump bar to aid presentation and the float positioned where I thought the ground bait had settled, the float slowly slide away. I lifted into something much heavier than the perch, resulting in the yellow number 8 hollow elastic streaming out of the tip of my pole. After a few minutes the culprit tired and a very dark 5lb bream covered in spawning tubercles lay in the bottom of my landing net. I'd decided to top up with a ball of ground bait after every bream to keep them in my peg. The next 5 hours provided the best bream fishing I’d ever had on this stretch, ending up with 18 slabs for over 60lb. I'd also caught 6-8lb of perch and small hybrids but I put these straight back so not to damage them.

Carl on the other hand had struggled to find the fish, settling for a bream, small roach and perch. His dad did slightly better with a couple of bream, a decent eel and a load of bits. Maybe next time we can wheel Carl’s dad to the bream pegs J

Deep Impact well I've found my new bream mix!

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Venue:           River Weaver Marina Section

                        Day ticket stretch

Peg:                Permanent peg 207

Method:         13m pole

Float:               Sensas Lollipop 1.5gr

Line:                Silstar Match 3lb

Hook:              Drennan Carbon match 16

Feed:              Focus Deep Impact ground bait 

                        1 pint Caster, 1 pint Bronze Maggot, 1 tin corn

Hook:              Double maggot or worm