Marukyu Credence Boilies
Marukyu Credence Boilies
Marukyu Credence Boilies
Marukyu Credence Boilies
Marukyu Credence Boilies
Marukyu Credence Boilies
Marukyu Credence Boilies
Marukyu Credence Boilies
Marukyu Credence Boilies

Marukyu Credence Boilies

In just three full years of making bait for the UK, Marukyu has come a long way. In that short time the brand has firmly established itself in the match fishing market – and now it is time to focus on the specimen market – now it is time for Marukyu Credence!
Marukyu Credence is all about specimen fish. It is bait that has been researched in Japan and is designed not only to be appealing to big fish, but also to provide everything that they need in their dietary requirements. In short, not only do fish want to eat it, but when they eat it, it actually benefits them.
The range comprises boilies, pop ups, ready to use groundbaits, PVA friendly additives, and some unique hookbaits.
But this is just the beginning… as we have some big surprises lined up for the specimen angler.
Marukyu Credence – Bait with Credibility.

Credence Boilies represent what we feel are the highest quality baits on the market today.
Manufactured from the highest quality ingredients, these boilies have been created to form part of the carp’s perfect diet.
Our scientists have worked tirelessly to formulate a bait that is not what we think a carp should eat, but a bait that a carp actually wants to eat!
During the research process, Marukyu’s Tokyo-based research facility, uncovered new preservation techniques that mean we can avoid using some of the controversial preservatives found in our competitors shelf life baits.

Credence Krill Feast

Krill Feast

Packed full of Marukyu’s specially formulated Antarctic krill, these baits are made for year
round success.

In fact we are confident that our baits contain the highest proportion of natural ingredients possible. And the fish certainly seem to agree!

Krill Feast boilies are available in:
10mm (300g), 14mm (300g and 700g),
18mm (700g).

Credence Krill Feast
Key points

  • Preservative free baits
  • Resealable bag
  • Made from Marukyu’s acclaimed SFA 400 and SFA 410 additives
  • Formulated to work year round

Credence Fruit Spice

Fruit SpiceMarukyu has created a fruit base-mix that is both appealing to the fish, and more importantly, complements the advanced flavourings used.
While we cannot divulge exactly what is in Fruit Spice, we can tell you that the blend of essential oils, palatants and enhancers, has been developed in some of the most advanced research facilities in the world.
Marukyu Credence Fruit Spice - an all year round bait for anglers that want to catch fish!

Fruit Spice boilies are available in:
10mm (300g), 14mm (300g and 700g), 18mm (700g).

Credence Fruit Spice – Key points

  • Preservative free baits
  • Resealable bag
  • Utilise Marukyu’s Amino Acid technology
  • Formulated to work year round



Credence Change Baits

Change Bait

Marukyu Change Baits are specially created to give you the edge.
Manufactured from a high quality base mix and utilising Marukyu’s exclusive amino acid technology, Marukyu Change Baits are available in a variety of flavours and colours - to keep you catching!
Available in Krill Feast, Fruit Spice, Pineapple Yellow, Strawberry Red and Orange Punch.

Change Baits – Key Points

  • Convenient resealable bags
  • Highly concentrated flavour
  • 10mm shelf life baits
  • Perfect for ringing the changes or tipping off any other boilie
  • Use for big carp, big barbel, big chub…big everything!

Marukyu Credence Pop-Ups

Credence Popups

Marukyu has devised a range of Pop-Ups to complement its Credence range of boilies.
Manufactured from the exact same base-mix as the bottom baits, they only differ in bouyancy.
Marukyu Credence Pop-Ups are extra bouyant for your convenience. There are no limitations!
Marukyu Credence Pop-Ups are available in Krill Feast and Fruit Spice flavours, in 14mm.

At a glance

  • Krill Feast and Fruit Spice flavours
  • Super bouyant
  • Controlled flavour release
  • Formulation matches bottom baits
  • Supplied in a slimline resealable pot