Rig Marole and Marukyu-backed Nigel Harris
This fish was caught on a prototype Marukyu freezer bait sprayed with AMINO+ 'The One'
Marukyu's Matthew Perring
With a cracking common taken on Marukyu's Credence Krill Feast boilie sprayed with AMINO+
Rig Marole and Marukyu-backed Paul 'Birdy' McDowell:
Spray any zig rig bait/foam with AMINO+ and watch the fish home in on it!

Amino +

Marukyu AMINO+ feed trigger sprays will be the most talked about product of 2015!

Marukyu's AMINO+ is a feed trigger that can be applied to both feed baits and hookbaits. It is designed to stimulate fish into feeding and is PVA friendly.
The sprays have been tested intensively over a two year period. How does it work? Well that is a trade secret, but we can tell you that it is packed full of nucleotides, amino acids, essential oils and high stimulation feeding triggers. The water soluble AMINO+ actually bonds to any bait it touches – producing a far reaching scent trail in the water leading the fish directly to your bait.

Marukyu's AMINO+ is available in SIX flavours:
Nectarmino, Scopex, The One, Umami, Choco Cream and Coconutty.

RRP £9.99 for 100ml spray bottle.
Out NOW.